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We are committed to do our best to create a human-oriented organization and system.
Surrounded on its other three sides by water, South Korea has been fostering marine workforce aiming to enter maritime.

With continued increase in economic growth and national income, however, Korea's marine industry is weakening competitiveness and lack of crew. Particularly, excellent marine technicians are also deserting the marine industry. Since its establishment on March 13, 2002,
SM Management has paved a foundation for Korea's marine engineers to feel motivated about their career despite its harsh working environment. As of 2016, Saehan had grown into a company that managed nine special ships that require high management skills for gas carrier, and service ships for oil&chemical tanker.

The definition of “Ship Management Business” is taking over liability and risk of repair, distribution, safety operation, insurance, and crew management of ships through consignment request from ship owners. The foundation, therefore, is confidence from ship owners and professional knowledge about ships.

SM Management Co., Ltd. has accumulated expertise particularly in LPG carrier and Oil & Chemical tanker. The company has earned great evaluation and confidence from ship owners and thus, employees are proud of management of special ships.

SM Management Co., Ltd. improves its business systematically in accordance with ISM CODE as the policy for safety and environmental protection and is committed to endeavor to create human-oriented organizations and systems to accomplish the finest goal of an enterprise through reflecting on the past and planning for the future.

The company will provide safety operation and work environment development countermeasures for accidents and disasters and prevent alcohol and drug abuse to strengthen sea/land employee training and fulfill its liability in accomplishing safety management objectives and policies.
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