About the company
홈 COMPANY About the company
Providing the highest quality ships, crew, and safety management service to meet customer demand.
The company endeavors to protect environment and loss of life and property on the sea.
SM Management Co., Ltd. provides the finest management service in the Oil & Chemical Tanker and
LPG Carrier industry based on years of experience in ship operation and management and is expanding its business
to ship-owners, such as Saehan Marine Co., Ltd., Saehan Marine(Gas) Co., Ltd. as well as foreign companies.
  • Vision
    Our vision is to become a world-class enterprise that leads safety & environment culture trusted by customers.
  • Mission Statement
    To comply with requirements and related laws and regulations and understand that customers' success is our success, thereby improving systems for the highest quality service, safety ship operation, and environment protection in order to satisfy customer requirements. With this regard, the organization will prosper and motivate employees to develop themselves.
  • Value
    ● People - Members of our community are the source of our competitiveness. They are our intellectual property and determine our reputation and vitality. The collective teamwork of SM Management Co., Ltd. is pursuance of human-centered value. Train all employees and motivate them to spontaneously participate in safety-related systems for self-development and to contribute to the company's development.
    ● Service - Our service should be the best for customers as a result of customer-centered efforts. Establishment of goals for safety management systems to provide the best service through performance evaluation and continued endeavors.
    ● Profit - The final barometer to check whether we provide effective services that suit customer needs. Profit must be secured to survive and grow.
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