Ship Management
홈 BUSINESS Ship Management
SM Management Co., Ltd. provides the highest quality
management service in the Oil & Chemical Tanker and LPG
Carrier industry based on years of experience in ship operation and
management and is expanding its business to ship-owners,
such as Saehan Marine Co., Ltd., Saehan Marine(Gas) Co., Ltd.,
as well as foreign companies.
IT Solution
We provide customer requirements in real-time based on the Web according to the ever-changing market economy and secure unrivaled competitiveness by the development our own IT solution, such as Planned maintenance system, Ship budget maintenance system, Human resources management system, Fuel Oil consumption analysis management system, SM Management Co., Ltd will be at the forefront to become a new global leading company in the maritime market around the world beyond Southeast Asia.
Main Task
  • Ship Management Optimization
  • Building of service IT network and upgrade
  • Efficient cost management
  • Loss & Risk management through visiting the main ship, four times each year (one-time visit by Ship Management Team, Crew and Support Team, and Safety and Support Team, And embark Ship Management Team one time)
  • Improve communication with stakeholders for trust relationship
Service center
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